Courtesy Pay Mistakes happen. We understand.

We’ve all done it…forgotten to record a payment in our checkbook, had a transaction denied at checkout and experienced the embarrassment and extra expense of a returned check.

When unexpected expenses and unforeseen problems can leave you with too little cash in your checking account, having a check returned due to insufficient funds can be a costly, inconvenient and embarrassing experience.  That’s why we provide our Courtesy Pay service.

What is Courtesy Pay?  How does it help me?

The Courtesy Pay service acts as an added “safety net” if you make a mistake with your checking account or have an unexpected expense that leaves you with too little money in your accounts. With Courtesy Pay, we approve and pay your checks, electronic payments, ACH debits and Debit Card Purchases* from your checking account up to your approved Courtesy Pay limit even when there are insufficient funds in the account.

It helps you because even though you are charged the $27 fee, your items are PAID instead of being returned. This saves you money because you aren’t charged late fees or returned item fees by the merchants and creditors your payments were made to. Even better, if you don’t ever use the service, you’re never charged anything.

Review our Courtesy Pay FAQ to learn more.