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Mobile Banking Apps
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Debit Cards Debit cards by MasterCard

COPFCU is pleased to offer MasterCard debit cards for our members. Cards feature the EMV chip and can be used locally, nationwide and worldwide wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Transaction Limits 

COPFCU debit cards currently feature the following daily transaction limits:

  • Signature purchases – maximum of $1,500 per day
  • PIN purchases or transactions – maximum of $1,000 per day

Transaction Alerts & Card Lock/Unlock Feature

The COPFCU Mobile App allows you to receive real-time transaction alerts and the ability to lock your debit card in the event it is lost, stolen or your suspect fraud. COPFCU Mobile may be downloaded from the App store and Google Play store.

Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay

COPFCU debit cards also work with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay to provide added convenience and security for in-store and in-app purchases.

Card Transaction Alerts & Controls

Manage your debit and credit cards on the go with our new “Manage My Cards” feature in the COPFCU mobile app.

  • Set Transaction Alerts. Receive text alerts for all your card activity including card not present (online) charges and foreign transactions. You can elect to receive alerts for all transactions or set a minimum dollar amount.
  • Lock Your Card. If your card is lost/stolen or you suspect fraud, lock the card to prevent it from being used.
  • Add Security. For added security, keep your card locked and unlock it when you need to use it. Because the card controls are real time, there’s no delay when you’re ready to use the card.
  • View recent transactions. View up to 3 months of transaction history to make sure there are no unauthorized charges.

How to access “Manage My Cards” in the COPFCU mobile app:

  1. Log in to the mobile app
  2. Click “More” in the bottom menu
  3. Select “Manage My Cards” under Member Services
  4. Select the card you’d like to manage
  5. Select what you’d like to do:
    • View recent transactions
    • Edit activity alert settings
    • Temporarily lock/unlock the card

Download the COPFCU Mobile App in the App Store or Google Play and start using these feature today!

Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay

COPFCU offers Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for all Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Cards and MasterCard Debit Cards. Members with a compatible smart phone can make purchases at thousands of stores and inside participating apps, with just the touch of a finger. Even better, payments through these mobile wallets are more secure than swiping or inserting your chip card at a retailer. Why? For 2 reasons:

  1. Biometric Security – You must use your thumbprint to complete the purchase. This ensures that you – and only you – are performing the transaction.
  2. Your Card Number is Not Used – Instead of your 16-digit card number being passed to the merchant, a secure token is passed to validate and approve the transaction.

Learn more about Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.