Kids Accounts Fun activities and incentives to save

The COPFCU Kids Club offers members age 14 and under a wide array of activities and incentives to save their money, do well in school and just have fun. Young members are automatically enrolled in the Kids Club when a membership is opened in their name and under their social security number.

Y-12 Certificate

This 12-month certificate can be opened with just $250 and pays an above-market dividend on balances up to $1,000.

Fist Full of Coins

Starting at age 3, members can grab a fist full of coins during their birthday month. Everything grabbed will be deposited into their Savings accounts.

Free MoonjarTM

At age 5, members can pick up a free MoonjarTM to help them learn to save, share and spend their money.

$1 for Each “A”

Members age 8 – 14 will receive $1 for each “A” earned on their report card, up to a maximum of $5. Funds will be deposited to the member’s Savings account.

Other Fun Stuff

Special contests and giveaways are constantly being held for Kids Club members. Be on the lookout for emails about our fun events.

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