Adopt-A-Class Program, Oyler School

Each year, COPFCU participates in the Adopt-a-Class program at Oyler School in Price Hill.  Our Adopted Class is Ms. Stephanie Alonzo’s 4th and 5th graders.

AAC connects business and civic groups with students in our economically challenged schools. By pairing teams with individual classrooms, AAC adult mentors expose the students to a breadth of experiences and training to be job and career ready.

As a volunteer Adopter through the AAC program, we are able to connect with the youth in our community; inspire a child to learn, dream, hope and become a leader, and help to close the  mentoring gap in  our community.

Each month, we visit our Adopted Class for 1 hour during the school day and engage our students in educational activities focused on college & career or building soft skills. We also sponsor and participate in 1-2 fieldtrips where the students are exposed to a range of life experiences outside of their home environment to get them excited about their future and possibilities.

For our September visit, we taught our class how to make homemade ice cream from a zip-lock bag. We divided the class into groups of 3 and had them each take turns measuring the ingredients into different bags and sealing them. Once the bags were ready, each group took turns shaking the bags for 8-10 minutes until the ice cream had thickened and was ready to serve. The end result was delicious homemade vanilla ice cream, topped off with sprinkles and chocolate syrup! Yum!

















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