Supervisory Committee

Supervisory Committee Members

  • Robert Beyrer, Chairman
  • Brenda Hodges-Davis
  • James Whalen

The Supervisory Committee is an essential oversight body for the credit union. Its members ensure:

  • the financial condition of the credit union is accurately presented in the credit union’s financial statements;
  • management practices and procedures are sufficient to safeguard credit union members’ assets;
  • that the board of directors fulfills its oversight responsibilities for the system of internal controls and risk management;
  • that an annual audit is performed by a qualified CPA firm;
  • an internal auditor is performing monthly audits of internal controls, policies and procedures;
  • credit union operations are monitoring and complying with all laws and regulations; and
  • credit union staff are following all policies, procedures and the company‚Äôs Code of Conduct.

The overriding goal of the committee is to provide reasonable assurance that all risks are appropriately managed at the credit union.