Direct Deposit

No need to visit the credit union on payday! Members can have their entire paycheck, government check, and/or retirements check deposited directly to their COPFCU account. You will have instant access to your funds via ATM/ Debit card, Home Banking, and on line Bill Payer. To obtain a direct deposit form, please contact your payroll/benefits department or call 513-381-2677.

Payroll Deduction

Want an easy way to save money? Members can payroll deduct as little or as much as they like into any type of savings or checking account at COPFCU. Members can also deposit funds into COPFCU IRA's , other family members accounts or, you can make a loan payment. Please call the credit union to start payroll deduction today at 513-381-2677.

COPFCU's ABA/Routing Number     242076591