"People helping people."

This is the philosophy of the credit union movement. Cincinnati Police Federal Credit Union brings this philosophy to life by engaging in community service activities that enrich the lives of those in the areas where we live and work.

Whether volunteering time or financial resources, COPFCU and its employees are dedicated to serving our communities through a wide variety of projects and programs including:

  • Sail Program, Northwest Local School District
  • Adopt-a-Class Program, Oyler School
  • School Supplies & Donation Drive to benefit Price Hill Back to School Fair
  • Marching Miles for Miracle Kids to benefit Children's Miracle Network and Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • Ohio Credit Union Food Drive to benefit FreeStore Food Bank
  • National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) High School Financial Planning Program, Northwest Local School District
  • Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #69 Sponsor
  • Fraternal Order of Police Retirees Sponsor
  • Police Memorial Week Sponsor
  • Hamilton County Police Association Sponsor

Members are also an integral part of our community service activities. Members selflessly donate items or funds to support many of these programs. On behalf of the COPFCU Board, Management and Staff, thank you for your generous donations and unyielding support of our community service initiatives.

Finances 101: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

The Cincinnati Police Federal Credit Union was very pleased to sponsor the Northwest Local School District (NWLSD) Senior Finance Days on April 14th and April 16th, in which we took the entire senior classes of Northwest High School and Colerain High School to the University of Cincinnati for a day devoted to emphasizing financial literacy. The goal of the event was to help set young people on the right financial path with an interactive game full of life lessons, "Finances 101: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk."

During the game, students were assigned a career and a corresponding salary that they used to make decisions on housing, utilities, transportation, childcare, and entertainment options. Along the way, they might have a fender bender, have Uncle Vito visit them and eat them out of house and home, or get a bonus at work. The game emphasizes how earnings impact buying decisions, the effect of education on income, setting a budget, what it really costs to run a household, and how to prevent spending beyond one’s means.

The students also attended a financial presentation that emphasized the value of higher education (either technical education or college) and toured campus. Click here to watch the video.

In 2012, COPFCU partnered with the NWLSD to develop the Financial Education Association (FEA) with the goal of enhancing the district's personal finance curriculum. One component of this goal was the formation of two student-run credit unions, the Knights Credit Union at Northwest High School, and the Cardinals Credit Union at Colerain High School. These credit unions are entirely student-run in the cafeteria during lunch times, allowing students and staff to make deposits and withdrawals and manage their own credit union accounts. The goal is to educate students on the importance of money management and provide real-life financial lessons before students graduate and have to make difficult financial decisions on their own. Click here to find out more about the Knights Credit Union and Cardinals Credit Union!