Cincinnati Police Federal Credit Union

Estimated Mortgage Closing Costs

Based on an Average Purchase Price of $225,000

The following lists estimated costs required for the mortgage program. It is important to compare costs when choosing the best loan program for you.

We have included an identifier called the HUD Line Number for you. The HUD Line Number refers to the specific line on the HUD Settlement Statement where you will see the fees noted. All lenders are required to provide you with a HUD Settlement Statement and the HUD Line Numbers help you compare costs from one lender to another.

For more information about closing fees and HUD Line Numbers, review the booklet Buying Your Home: Settlement Costs and Information prepared by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

HUD Line Description Amount
801 Origination Fee $299.00
803 Appraisal Fee $225.00
804 Credit Report $17.00
808 Tax Service Fee $70.00
816 Processing Fee $310.00
825 Application Fee $50.00
834 Flood Certification $9.00
1101 Settlement or Closing Fee $250.00
1103 Title Examination $175.00
1104 Title Insurance Binder $50.00
1108 Lenders Title Insurance $4 per $1,000
1111 EPA Endorsement $75.00
1112 Survey Endorsement $50.00
1119 Closing Protection Letter $35.00
1201 Recording Fee $148.00
1205 Assignment Fee $32.00
1301 Survey $150.00
1304 Shipping & Handling $15.00

Please Note: Deposits for items that must be paid in advance, such as any interest due at closing, deposits for payment of future real estate taxes or homeowner's insurance are NOT included in the fees above.