Bill Payment

Pay Your Bills Online…… Sign- up to pay your bills online at Bank Online. There is no set-up or per transaction fee. Once you have signed-up, you can set-up payees and schedule payments dates. You can also view your bill payment history online.

Through Cincinnati Police Federal Credit Unions Bill Payer Credit Union members are able to:

    a Add merchants by using a phone number
    a Members can make multiple payments
    a Majority of electronic merchants can accept payments same day or next day
    a Members can attach notes to payments to serve as reminders for themselves
    a Members will be notified by e-mail if a payment fails
    a Members can establish recurring payments by date of last payment
    a Simple drop down calendar is used to determine earliest payment date
    a Pending payments are available to view
    a Displays recent payments completed for the previous 45 days
    a Member may opt to automatically pay an e-bill upon receipt
    a Members receive e-mail reminding of their bills due date

And much, much more…….