Online Banking Details

Accounts Access Information regarding your accounts

Summary Summary of all share, loan, and certificates accounts
Details Details of each account requirements. Option to label each account i.e. Hawaii, College Fund, Bills
History Search Search history on any saving or loan account for current month or past month activity.
Pending Debits Ability to view pending debit card transactions. Debit card activity that has not yet posted to your account.
Receipt Images Review financial transactions made at COPFCU branches. View deposits, withdrawals, and cleared checks.
Dividends View interest earned and interest paid (home loans only) for current and last year.
Joint Owner Joint owner detail information.

Statement Delivery Download current and past monthly statements

Bills Make bill payments online from your checking account to companies or individuals you select, FREE.

Move $ Transfer funds between shares and loans, Purchase certificates, Issue a Bank check.

Transfer Funds Transfer funds between share, loan and visa accounts
Check Request Option to request a check from one of your share accounts to be sent out to you.
Buy a Certificate Purchase a certificate from 6,12,18,24,36,48,60 months CD.

Transfer Setup Setup specified amounts you want to have transferred to your shares.

Distributions Set up and initiate transfers between accounts at a specific time i.e. 1st of each month, bi-weekly starting on Tuesday.
Payroll May change current payroll distributions.
Other Members Allows you to set other COPFCU member to receive funds from your account.
Other Places Set up ACH transfers from other Financial Institutions to your COPFCU account i.e. transfer from your National City Account to COPFCU.
Transfer Funds Transfer funds to your share or loan accounts.

Maintenance Ability to change or update member and account information.

Plastic Cards Report your ATM/Debit card lost or stolen
Pin/Password Change your pin or password for Online Banking.
Check Reorder Place an order for checks.
Email Options Update your email addresses. Sign up for E-statements. Receive e-mail Alerts notifying you of your payroll deposit, ACH Debits, NSFs, Minimum/high balances set by you or loan certificate maturity.
Stop Payments Request a stop payment on a check (only)
Address Update current address information.
Preferences Member preferences./regarding background

New Loans Apply for a new loan.

Apply for Loan Complete online loan application.
Loan Status Review status of online loan application i.e. approved or referred
Rates Current loan rates available at COPFCU.
Calculator Ability to calculate a loan payment.

Disclosures Terms and conditions of COPFCU accounts.

Other Links Account guidelines.

CU Home Page Return back to home page of COPFCU website.

Rates Current share and loan rates available at COPFCU.

Disclosures Terms and conditions of COPFCU accounts.

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